School Performance Profile

What is the School Performance Profile?

The School Performance Profile provides the public with a comprehensive overview of student academic performance in every Pennsylvania public school building.

Designed to serve three purposes, the School Performance Profile will be used for federal accountability for Title I schools, the new teacher and principal evaluation system and to provide the public with information on how public schools across Pennsylvania are academically performing.

Pennsylvania School Performance Profile will provide demographic data, academic data, and an academic performance score. Unlike previous measures, the School Performance Profile utilizes many data points to measure schools.

What is included in the School Performance Profile?

  • Fast Facts for districts and schools include such specifics as enrollment, number of schools, average years of educational experience, and geographic size of district. Student enrollment for the district is also displayed by ethnicity. Links to related agencies, such as career and technical centers and intermediate units are displayed as well as links to supplemental reports.
  • The Scoring tab provides an explanation of the factors that contribute to the academic score.
  • The Academic Performance tab displays the school’s academic score, academic performance fast facts, the academic performance elements and scores, and the federal accountability designation, as applicable.
  • The Compare tab offers options to select schools for comparison – whether in the same LEA or schools in other LEAs across the state.
  • The School Supports tab, when fully operational, will provide specific improvement strategies directly related to the elements of the SPP.