K to 6 Students – Dan Heaney
7th to 12th Students – Rich DeSocio

Why Choose Blue Bombers Academy?

Blue Bombers Academy Vs. For-Profit Cyber Schools
Educational Setting: Online only Online only
Instructors: Cyber Academy Teachers Cyber Academy Teachers
Instruction: Self-paced online lessons Self-paced online lessons
Tutoring: Online w/Cyber Academy Staff Online w/Cyber Academy Staff
Socialization: No opportunity for socialization No opportunity for socialization
Schedule: Flexible Schedule Flexible Schedule
Graduation & Scholarships: Students earn a Palmerton diploma and graduate with classmates.  They are also eligible to earn up to $175,000 in scholarships awarded to PASD graduates Participates Cyber School Graduation
Access to resources: Students have full access to district resources and facilities, including guidance counseling, labs, dual enrollment courses, libraries and athletic facilities. Students only have  Access Cyber School Resources
Extracurriculars: Students may join district sponsored extracurricular activities, special interest groups and sports teams. Participates in Cyber School Activities if available
Cost to PASD Taxpayers: $5,500 $16,000  to $ 40,000

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