Board of Education Members

The School Board is made up of nine members who serve for a four year term. Elections are held every two years, but only five members are chosen during one election. The other four members are chosen during the following election. The Board of Education meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m.  The present board is made up of the following members:


Mrs. Tammy Recker

• Board President •

Mr. Earl Paules

• Vice President •

Mrs. Danielle Paules

• Board Member •

Mrs. Audrey Larvey

• Board Member •

Mrs. Sherry Haas

• Board Treasurer •

Mr. Brandon Mazepa

• Board Member •

Mrs. Erin Snyder

• Board Member •

Mrs. Stacey Connell

• Board Member •

Mrs. Mary Jo King

• Board Member •

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