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  • Daily operation of facilities and grounds
  • District facilities planning
  • District Safety Committee Chair
  • District representative to IU Safety Committee



The purpose of this notification is to inform interested parties such as teachers, school personnel and their representatives, as well as parents, concerning the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) requirements and the actions that the Palmerton Area School District has taken to comply with the AHERA regulations.  The regulations were published in the October 30, 1987 Federal Register, pp. 41826 under the title “Asbestos Containing Materials in Schools” and call for an inspection of the schools to find asbestos containing material (ACM) with the inspection conducted by EPA accredited Building Inspectors.  The regulations also require that a Management Plan be written by an EPA accredited Management Planner for any ACM found and that both the Management Plan and the Inspection Report be available for public inspection.

The Palmerton Area School District contracted with Spotts, Stevens and McCoy, Inc.  for both the Building Inspections and the Management Plans and these reports were submitted to the State of Pennsylvania in compliance with the AHERA regulations.  These reports are available for public review at the Administration Office.  The individual building reports are available for public review at each school and include the schedule for periodic surveillance of ACM and re-inspections conducted by an accredited EPA Building Inspector.

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