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HS Connect Ed Message – April 28th

Hello.  This is Paula Husar, principal of Palmerton Area Senior High School.  Today marks the start of marking period number 6 at the high school.  We are now starting the last marking period for the school year.  It certainly has been a year filled with many trials and tribulations.  I urge you to encourage your child to make one final push to finish the school year strong.  Grades have definitely suffered for many students this year.  However, there is still time for many of our students if they finish strong.  Class materials can be picked up at any time this week on the front table.  If you are doing this during the school day, please ring the front buzzer and we will assist you.

Also, for those parents of students who are 16 years and older, please start thinking about getting your child a vaccine to prepare for the new school year.  St. Luke’s is advertising access to the Pfizer vaccine for children in this age group.  The other vaccines are only approved for individuals 18 and older.  For more information, please contact our school nurse.  Also, if your child has already received a vaccine, it would help us if your child’s school immunizations records get updated.  Please send a copy of the vaccine confirmation to our school nurse, Mrs. Thomas.  She will be happy to update the files.  Doing this will also help if your child is planning to go to college.  A number of colleges have already indicated that getting a vaccine is required to attend their school.  

Please understand that the vaccine is not a requirement for the Palmerton Area Senior High School.  We are just sharing information with you.

Enjoy the rest of your evening.