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HS Connect Ed message – June 21, 2020

Hello.  This is Paula Husar, principal of Palmerton Area Senior High School.  If your son or daughter has not emptied their locker out as of yet, they are running out of time.  The locker has been emptied and the contents are in a plastic bag.  We put the plastic bags on the table in the lobby.  Please make arrangements with me via e-mail or phone to pick up the contents.  You have until the end of this week to pick up your contents and if no contact is made with me by Friday, June 26, the items will either be trashed or donated to charity depending on their condition.  Thank you for your attention in this matter as our custodians must continue with their summer cleaning efforts. 

On another note, please allow me to wish a Happy Father’s Day to all those lucky Dad’s out there.  I know that you have had an extra hard job as a dad this year given the current situation.  But we all appreciate your efforts.  Keep up the good work!

Thank you.


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