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HS Connect Ed message – January 22nd

Hello.  This is Paula Husar, principal of Palmerton Area Senior High School.  Our final exams for the first semester begin on Monday.  Almost all of our final exams will be virtual.  The actual schedule has been posted on our website.  Using online finals allows us to keep things fair as everyone will be taking the tests in the same manner.  While virtual exams are not ideal, there is nothing ideal about this year.  The semester would drag on way too long if we tried to keep the hybrid schedule in place for the exams.  There will be some students taking exams in the building as some teachers have presentations and/or speeches rather than the usual tests.  The students know what they are doing and where they need to be.  The school busses will be running on a normal schedule.  The school breakfast will go as usual and lunch will be served from 10:oo AM to 10:30 AM.

The Block 1 final exam is on Monday at 7:35 AM and the Block 2 final begins at 10:35 AM.

There is also information about textbook returns and pick-ups posted on the website.  If you cannot make the times listed, please call to make other arrangements.  You can contact one of the guidance counselors or me.  Ms. McHugh handles grades 9 and 10 and Mrs. Schaffer handles grades 11 and 12.

Thank you and have a good weekend.