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HS Connect Ed Message – February 8th

Hello.  This is Paula Husar, principal of Palmerton Area Senior High School.  Report cards for semester #1 were put in the mail today.  You should receive them by Friday.  If you do not get the report card by Friday, you can also access the report card on PowerSchool.  You can also reach out to the guidance office for another copy.

Also, there are still plenty of books here to be picked up by our virtual students.  These items are in our lobby.  The doors will be open tonight for you to pick up these items until 8:00 PM.  You should also drop off any books or materials from last semester in the auditorium.  Please take care of these items.

Also, just a reminder … We will no longer be having real snow days this year.  When a “snow day” is called for as a result of the weather, students should follow Schedule B:  Virtual Snow Day.  This means that teachers will be teaching from home and students will be accessing their education from home.  School will not be cancelled because of snow.  We will simply move to a virtual model that day.  We did have an actual snow day a few weeks ago.  That day will be made up some time in April.

Finally, please note that there will be no school on February 12 and February 15.

Thank you.