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1. Click on the padlock next to the internet address at the top of your browser (Pictured Below)

2. Make sure your Camera and Microphone are set to ALLOW (Pictured Below)

3. Try to share your camera and microphone again


If you feel your camera or microphone may not be working properly please visit this website (  If any of the test fail please copy the error they give you and email it to


Category: Technology FAQs

Problem:  Your google Account password has changed since the last time you signed in to this computer.  Because Chrome OS securely encrypts all of your data, you must enter the old password now to unlock the data.



  1. Below the password field, click “I can’t remember my password” or “Forgot old password”
  2. Then, click “Proceed anyway” This will clear the old locally cached data for the user, and re-sync new user data from the cloud
Category: Technology FAQs

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