Welcome to Parkside Edcuation Center!

Dear Palmerton Area School District Web Browser:

Thank you for visiting our school web site. There are good tidings to share about our district and our schools!

The Parkside Education Center houses our kindergarten and first grade students. Originally located in the S.S. Palmer Elementary School, they were relocated to Parkside Education Center three years ago, due to space limitations. Parkside is ultimately considered to be part of S.S. Palmer Elementary and for the most part, shares the same staff and activities.

Student learning needs drive our programs! Some outstanding programs in our school include: K-6 in class curriculum delivery aligned with Pennsylvania's performance standards, Title I, a vibrant PTO (Parent/Teacher Organization), annual school-wide Science Fair / Art Show / Instrumental / Vocal Music concerts, and an active Student Council.

SOAR is our School-Wide Positive Behavior Plan that strives to promote a positive learning environment by focusing on the positive behavior choices that our students make throughout the day. We also provide a comprehensive Instructional Support Team process to assist students with academic or behavior challenges, and most-importantly, a collaborative approach to problem solving (that includes students, teachers, parents, and the principal).

This list only touches the surface of education magic that happens in our schools each day. We invite you to come to our schools and experience that magic in action! Please phone (610) 826-7538, Palmer or (610) 826-4914, Parkside to schedule a visit!

On behalf of our entire staff…we are… forever dedicated to our students and the commitment to their learning excellence and healthy maturation progress.


Mary A. Brumbach, Principal