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Vicki McHugh honored as “Counselor of the Year”

A staff member at Palmerton High School is honored for the work she does every day for her students.

The school’s guidance counselor, Vicki McHugh, was honored Monday by the Lehigh Carbon School Counselors Association as “Counselor of the Year.”

She tells News 13 she is extremely humbled to be recognized with the title.

“I can’t even describe it at this point. Honestly, I just go to work every day and do my job for the kids, that’s what it’s all about. You’re their advocate so I go to work every day and do it for my students, just like I would for my own two [kids] at home,” said McHugh.

Acting Palmerton High School principal, Bob Kern, describes McHugh as the “glue” that has held the school together over the past two years