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2019 Pre-K Counts Implementation Study Parent/Guardian Survey

Spring 2019

Dear Pre-K Counts Parent or Guardian,

We would like to invite you to complete a statewide survey for a study about families’ experiences with Pre-K Counts. Your Pre-K Counts program Lehigh Valley Childrens Centers At SS Palmer Elementary & Towamensing Elementary are participating in the study, and are hoping that as many families as possible in the program will complete the survey.

Please select the appropriate link below which will take you to a secure online system to complete a survey about your family and your child’s preschool experiences. No one outside of the study team will have access to any of your specific answers.

What do I need to do?

Please follow this link to fill out the survey:
S. S. PALMER: https://survey.fpg.unc.edu/paprek/Login.aspx?User=604091&Code=-wEIf7webOzhr2Eu6EjzpMtN9hJsmAJGYH9dWFqXFdY1

TOWAMENSING: https://survey.fpg.unc.edu/paprek/Login.aspx?User=604101&Code=EB3mNscbyJRBQ97nv4U3uXtmgj25psJ9yMAtXUcbOcA1

This survey link is unique to your Pre-K Counts program, so please use the correct link for you program.
Surveys do not need to be completed all in one sitting. If you have to stop the survey, you may provide us with your email and we will email you a link to use when you are ready to complete the survey (emails will be used only for this purpose).
Please be sure to click the SUBMIT button once you are done.

Thank you for helping your Pre-K Counts program with the 2019 Pre-K Counts Study! If you have any questions, please contact our study team by email at paprekstudy@unc.edu or toll-free at (888) 201-0682.

Thank you!

The Pre-K Counts Evaluation Study Team